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Sign Bases | Polyethylene - Pyramid Base and Post System

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Snow plows and bad drivers wreak havoc on sign posts in the middle of parking lots.  Are you tired of having your sign posts bent or snapped off time after time?  These post and base systems provide a cost-effective, aesthetic, and functional solution to this problem.   

The base is made of 1/4" thick Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) material, and can be filled with sand or concrete (water is not a recommended ballast material).  These units can hold approximately 220 pounds of sand - or up to 19 gallons of water (up to 16 gallons in freezing areas).

They come equipped with a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheathed 14 gauge steel post, which gets inserted and anchored to the base. 

The total assembly height is approximately 8'-4".  Signs can be mounted anywhere along the length of the post - either into the post, or with sign mounting systems.

This pyramid base dimensions are 22" long x 22" wide x 22" high, and tapers up from the bottom.

Posts and Bases are available in 5 Colors: Yellow (the standard color), Red, Blue, Black and Green (Base color only, no post)

You can even mix and match post & base colors if you desire!

Custom BASE Colors are available for a $150 up-charge (single charge for entire lot).

Wheels can even be added to pyramid bases for added portability!

As with other quality Ideal Shield products, this is truly a MAINTENANCE-FREE system!

Select Post and Base Colors when ordering; and select wheels or no wheels

Default Product:  Yellow Base with Yellow Post without Wheels, and a total assembly height of approximately 8'-4"


Weight 45.00 lbs
Select Base Color
Select Post Color
No Wheels is Standard; Select this Option to Add Wheels
Our price: $161.00
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