bollards with colorful bollard covers in front of a Port of Miami terminal building

Bollard Covers & Post Sleeves

When you’re looking for pedestrian safety features and site accessories, turn to the groundUP stores. We offer bollard covers, post sleeves, and even decorative pipe covers to help you meet your property’s aesthetic demands, whether you’re improving your current site or starting a new project. Site owners, maintenance staff, and commercial construction managers will find the best products at affordable prices in our site supply collection.



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Upgrade your bollards today

At the groundUP stores, we’re dedicated to offering the highest quality products at prices that benefit your bottom line. Our inventory is packed with all of the covers and decorative products you could possibly need for your property. Our post sleeves and decorative pipe covers are sure to catch the eye of passersby and drivers and highlight the safety of your property. No more painting and repainting bollards that grow shoddy and worn down.

One of the best things about bollard covers is that your investment goes a long way. We back up our covers with a lifetime warranty for manufacturing flaws and a 5-year color retention warranty. And when they get old, don’t toss them — old covers can be recycled and turned into new ones.

Free shipping and volume discounts to help you save

We’re confident that you’ll love our bollard cover collection. You’ll also love our free shipping and volume discount offers. Cost is one of the most critical aspects of every remodel, construction project. That’s why we want to help you find savings opportunities during every project phase. For most of our products, shipping is already included in the price.

Rediscover site design with the groundUP stores

Since 2009, the groundUP stores has been supporting businesses with quality, affordable materials like signage, parking lot supplies, and more. We offer a level of product and service quality that you won’t find anywhere else; we’re proud of our commitments to quality, fairness, kindness, and expertise. And we’re always here to help if you have questions or concerns about your order — all you have to do is drop us a line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are bollard covers?

Sometimes called post sleeves or pipe covers, bollard covers are designed to fit over the tops of safety posts to protect them from weather and impacts. Instead of letting the post bear the brunt of wear and tear, site managers typically use bollard covers to protect their bollards and extend their service timelines. Plus, they can be decorative — consider products that will complement the color palette or design sensibilities of the rest of your site to create a cohesive visual composition.

What size are bollard covers?

Covers are designed to fit over the bollards underneath them, so they’re available in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses. When you choose a product, make sure that the dimensions in the product description match:

  • Any local regulations about size, diameter, and material thickness
  • The bollards drawn in the plans
  • Your architect or the property owner’s specifications