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Cement Post Holders

The groundUP stores offers cement post holders and systems for posting signage throughout your site. Concrete sign bases are durable and easily moved around your site as your signage needs change.

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Sign Bases & Post Holder

Why choose concrete sign bases?

  • They’re durable and can withstand weathering, moving, and reuse
  • They’re one of the most affordable post and base system materials
  • They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors

At the groundUP stores, we’re proud to offer the highest quality products at affordable prices. While cement post holders don’t ship for free, they do ship on a pallet for simple, efficient logistics.

Whether you’re looking to post temporary signage on a construction site or permanent signage on a commercial building, concrete post base systems are an excellent choice.

Quantity Discounts and More

If you’re looking for ways to save on site supplies without sacrificing quality, explore our bulk pricing. As your order quantity increases, your unit prices and overall shipping cost will decrease, helping you protect your project budget without settling for less durable products.

Plus, we’re always happy to help you find ways to save on your order. Call our office, explain your project goals, and we’ll help you find the most affordable solution for your site.

Changing the Site Supply Industry for the Better

Unlike our competitors, the groundUP stores is uniquely committed to quality products, affordable prices, and customer service. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction on every order, and you’ll notice the groundUP stores difference the moment you start browsing our selection.

Learn more about our mission, vision, and values or contact our team for support anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose cement post holders over other materials?

While you may be considering alternative materials like recycled rubber or polyethylene bases, concrete might be the right choice if you need products that are:

  • Compliant with local regulations – Your jurisdiction may have regulations in place about the types, shapes, colors, and materials required for signage mounting.
  • Affordable – Concrete sign bases are one of the most affordable freestanding sign mounting materials on the market.
  • Durable – Concrete can withstand weather, moving, and more for long-term use or reuse.

Can concrete bases be moved?

While you might need some help moving them (they’re heavy-duty), these sign bases can be moved around your site or building as your signage needs change over time. While ground-mounted systems are also somewhat moveable, it certainly takes more time and effort to do so. Concrete bases can be moved anytime you need to place a sign in a more optimal location for improved visibility or to meet regulatory requirements.