Numerous sign post base systems and Flexposts inside the groundUP stores

Spring Sign Post Bases and Flexposts

Looking for a durable, ground mounted post system for your site? The groundUP stores offers a variety of spring sign post bases and Flexposts for all your site signage needs.

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Spring Base Systems: Say Goodbye to Bent Signs!

Simply put, sign post base systems can take a lot of abuse. If you’re tired of replacing bent sign posts after traffic accidents or bad weather, consider Flexposts: spring posts that bounce back after bending.

Whether you’re trying to improve the long-term durability of handicap parking signs or parking lot/garage bollards, we have the spring post and base systems you need to make your signs more resistant to wear and tear.

Free Shipping, Bulk Discounts, and More

If you’re looking to save on your next project without sacrificing quality, you’ve come to the right place. When it’s time to invest in sign posts and bases, the groundUP stores offers two ways to protect your bottom line:

  1. Free shipping – Our spring base systems qualify for free standard shipping.
  2. Bulk discounts – The more you buy, the more you save — as your item quantity increases, your unit price decreases.

In tandem with affordable prices, free shipping and quantity discounts can help you save big the next time you buy signs.

A Service-Focused Business Model

At our core, the groundUP stores is committed to providing the best possible customer service on every order. Anytime you drop us a line or call our office, you’ll experience the groundUP difference. We want to help you find high-quality products and savings that exceed your expectations every time.

Learn more about how we’re changing the site maintenance and supplies industry one order at a time on our About Us page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can spring sign posts and bases be moved?

Spring posts and bases can be moved, but they’re designed to be mounted to the ground for peak stability. So, when it’s time to move them, you’ll need the same tools you used to install them. You might also want a helper to stabilize the sign while you loosen the hardware to keep the sign from falling on you. Many hands make light (and safe) work!

Are Flexposts expensive?

Since Flexposts are sold as a complete system (signs, posts, hardware, etc) they are comparably priced to their recycled rubber counterparts. Plus, with our free shipping option, they are actually more affordable than cement post holders and can be just as durable. Since they’re ground mounted and designed to flex instead of permanently bend, you can keep using the same flexible sign posts and bases for years — instead of replacing a traditional post after every fender bender or severe weather event.