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If you’re looking for speed humps for sale, you’re in the right place. The groundUP stores specializes in all things site supply and maintenance, including plastic speed bumps.

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Quality Products for Safe Sites

Whether you maintain a multi-family residential complex, a public safety building, or a commercial shopping plaza, speed humps can help you control traffic speeds and promote pedestrian safety in your parking lot.

Our collection of rubber and plastic speed bumps, speed spots, and other speed control products is designed to meet your unique site needs. Looking for a temporary speed control solution? Speed Spots are an excellent alternative for school pick-up/drop-off areas and for utility crews.

No matter your unique site needs, we can help you find the perfect speed management tools to promote safety on your property.

Save on Quality Products

If you’ve been seeking speed humps for sale, you might be balking at the prices. Sticker shock aside, purchasing speed management products can be expensive.

That’s why the groundUP stores is committed to helping you save. Our Speed Spots ship for free, and you can take advantage of bulk pricing on all items in our speed management collection. Plus, multiple units can be shipped on one pallet, helping you cut freight costs.

the groundUP stores: Committed to Getting It Right

At the groundUP stores, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction on every order. What does that look like? Intense attention to detail, a high-quality inventory with fair prices, and extensive client support. We’re changing the construction and maintenance supply industry for the better, one happy customer at a time.

If you need help choosing a speed hump for your next project, want more information on bulk pricing, or need a shipping quote, reach out to our customer service team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between speed humps and speed bumps?

Speed humps are often wider and lower than speed bumps. In practice, these terms are used interchangeably to describe any item that’s:

  • Affixed to the road surface
  • Catches the attention of drivers
  • Slows vehicle speeds in the form of a small obstacle

Both options vary in height, length, shape, and color.

What happens if you don’t slow down for a speed bump?

When drivers ignore signage or drive over speed bumps at high speeds, it can cause both injuries and mechanical problems. At high speeds, these humps can cause alignment issues, damage shocks and ball joints, and even back and neck pain.

While you certainly don’t want to harm site visitors’ vehicles, any negative outcomes drivers experience after taking a speed bump too fast might teach them an important lesson about safety.

Remember to always check with your local regulatory agency or HOA before installing any traffic control devices on public rights-of-way.