Two types of steel bollards and one type of bollard covers strapped to wood pallets

Concrete and Steel Pipe Bollards

At the groundUP stores, we offer concrete and steel bollards for sale for all of your project needs. 

Trying to create a safe pedestrian walkway, protect your storefront from vehicle impacts, or create a point of visual interest on site? You’ve come to the right place.  

We are also one of the leading suppliers of Alloy Casing (OCTG) & Schedule 80 Steel Pipe for Various STOREFRONT CRASH PREVENTION PROGRAMS




Multiple units can be shipped on one pallet.

High-Quality Bollards for Sale

You’ll find two general types of bollards for sale in our collection: steel bollards and concrete bollards. Both types can be lighted — concrete bollards typically feature built-in lights, while steel bollards normally feature lighted covers. 

No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll love our wide selection of affordable, high-quality bollard products. We have something for every project type – retail facilities, schools, multi-family residential facilities, public safety offices, and so much more.

Discover Savings without Sacrificing Quality

At the groundUP stores, we’re dedicated to balancing affordable prices with high-quality — because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice durability or aesthetics to keep your project on budget.

We also offer bulk pricing on many of the items in our bollard inventory. As your item quantity increases, your unit price decreases, lowering your overall cost. Plus, multiple units can ship on one pallet to help you save on freight costs.

Experience the groundUP stores Difference

At the groundUP stores, we are uniquely committed to offering the highest-quality customer service in our industry, and we strive for 100% client satisfaction on every purchase. 

We deliver this exceptional caliber of service by stocking high-quality products, helping customers save on their orders, and providing robust support whenever customers need us. 

If you have a question about your order, want to place a new order, or need help choosing a product, just reach out to our team — we’re excited to serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pipe bollard?

Pipe bollards are typically steel pipes inserted vertically into the ground and filled with concrete. In many cases, site managers and builders cover these with bollard covers to increase their aesthetic appeal. 

These bollards for sale are just one kind of bollard available on today’s market — you’ll also find bollards made from concrete. Like other building materials, bollards are quite customizable.

Why do I need bollards on my site?

If you’re on the fence about ordering the bollards we have for sale, consider some of the key benefits they can offer:

  • Pedestrian protection – Bollards can create dedicated pedestrian walkways and prevent vehicle collisions with passersby, keeping your patrons and workers safe.
  • Building protection – Bollards will also reduce the likelihood of vehicle collisions with your storefront. Accidents happen; bollards can protect your facility when disaster strikes.
  • Protection for Occupants - A car crashing into your building will likely cause catastrophic damage and can be hazardous to occupants inside the building — potentially leading to casualties and fatalities.
  • Aesthetic potential – Bollards can add aesthetic appeal, increasing visual interest and drawing viewers’ eyes to specific areas on site. They’re available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to fit every project.

Think of bollards as an inexpensive insurance policy against damage to property and people.