Yellow caution tape alerts passerby to hazards

Construction Flags & Underground Utility Markers

During construction projects, you’ll need some temporary signage and safety markers to keep both passersby and workers safe on-site. The same is true for utility companies who perform routine maintenance on their equipment.

The groundUP stores offers a wide selection of both construction flags and underground utility markers — from flag tape to caution tape and underground detectable tape.



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Underground & Excavating Utility Markers

Construction flags, underground detectable tape, and flagging tape can all help site managers, project managers, and utilities staff promote public and worker safety on site. At the groundUP stores, we’re proud to offer the highest possible flag and tape products at affordable prices. 

Our products are highly visible and easy to install — we also provide custom printed signs. Our underground detectable tape products feature a foil backing, so they’ll be picked up by metal detectors before workers start digging. Simple additions like these can help you keep your site safe during your current project and future ones. 

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At the groundUP stores, we understand how crucial the bottom line is for builders, utility companies, and property owners. That’s why we offer numerous ways to save on safety and maintenance products without sacrificing item quality.

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A Commitment to Customer Service

The groundUP stores strives for 100% customer satisfaction on every order — and, if we miss the mark, we work tirelessly to make it right.

Our service-focused model is just one way we’re changing the site maintenance and construction supply industries for the better. We’re also committed to connecting managers with the highest-quality items at affordable prices, dispelling the myth that quality products will always be more expensive.

And, we’re always here to help — contact our customer service team anytime you need support for pricing, logistics, or item selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the different color construction flags mean?

Different colors of construction flags carry specific meanings — essentially, they tell you what’s buried under the flag. Here are just a few examples of common colors and what they indicate:

  • Red – Electrical lines, cables, conduit, and other hazardous materials
  • Yellow – Gas, oil, or other flammable materials 
  • Orange – Communications-related materials like cable and phone lines 
  • Blue – Water-related items like plumbing lines
  • Green – Sewer and other hazardous waste lines

Do underground utility contractors have to use detectable underground utility markers like foil tape?

Requirements for underground utility projects vary by jurisdiction — some building and permitting authorities might require utility builders to use materials that can be picked up by a metal detector to promote the safety of workers and utility locators.

But, even if your jurisdiction doesn’t require you to use items like detectable tape, consider incorporating these as a part of your standard operating procedure. Making sure that your buried utility materials are as visible as possible protects both your equipment and anyone working on/around it.