De-Greasers & Chemical Cleaners

De-Greasers & Chemical Cleaners



EATOILS™ ECOLOGO™ CERTIFIED GREEN Cleaning Products for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential use are revolutionizing the cleaning industry with our army of natural scrubbing microbes that keep on working long after you’re done!

These products are ECOLOGO™ CERTIFIED GREEN, which means they are safe for you and your employees, yet they outperform most traditional, harsh cleaning products at some of the toughest cleaning jobs.

EATOILS™ products are earth friendly - septic friendly - solvent free – they contain no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) & therefore no noxious fumes – they contain no harsh chemicals & therefore pose no danger to you or your employees (or your family should you decide to use them at home).


  1. USE ONLY 2 OUNCES PER GALLON OF WATER! - A little goes a long way!
  2. ONE STEP CLEANING – NO RINSING – EVER! – Just mop (or wipe) and go!  Eliminates cleaning steps and reduces your cost of labor (the biggest part of your total cleaning cost)! Great for use with microfibre and ‘Swiffer™’ type cleaning systems too!
  3. FAST! Cleans quickly & efficiently - removing even old and stubborn stains in seconds!
  4. DEEP CLEANS ALL SURFACES, INCLUDING GROUT! – Brings back the original color of even the worst grout & tile in minutes - with just a soft brush!
  5. REMOVES MOLD & MILDEW IN MINUTES! – Just spray the area & watch it come clean – right before your eyes! And, it prevents the mold from coming back!
  6. SAVE ON MOP HEADS AND SUPPLIES! – They last up to 10 times longer with EATOILS™ products!
  7. GET 2 JOBS FOR THE PRICE OF 1! – Pour your used cleaning solution down your slowest drain to open it & keep lines clear!
  8. EATOILS™ PRODUCTS KEEP WORKING LONG AFTER YOU’RE DONE! USING NON-STOP, CONTINUOUS CLEANING ACTION™ (deep cleaning any residual organic material for up to 4 days – even while you’re sleeping!

Isn’t it time you put the power of nature to work for you?

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