A selection of freestanding post bases and other signage products

Ground Mounted and Freestanding Post & Base Systems

The groundUP stores offers a wide variety of both ground mounted and freestanding post and base systems. If you’re looking for concrete post bases, polyethylene systems, recycled rubber products, or spring base systems, you’re in the right place — and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Whether you need signs for a new construction project or a signage upgrade at an existing building, the groundUP stores can help you meet your project goals.

Concrete Post and Base Systems and More

Our post and base systems are the perfect solution for your site. You can use them to mount everything from parking signs to flashing lights and reflectors — they’re perfect for use during construction and after closing.

We offer systems made from a variety of materials: polyethylene, recycled rubber, metal, and concrete post bases are just a few. We also offer spring base systems and surface mounted break-away sign bases. Explore our collection to find everything you need for your next project.

Convenient Shipping and Bulk Pricing

The groundUP stores offers convenient shipping for post and base systems. Most of these items ship on pallets. Since multiple units can fit on a pallet, you can reduce your per-unit cost by maximizing the quantity purchased.

If you need more than one post and base, you’ll love our bulk discounts. Plus, you can mix and match items to meet discount minimums — just reach out to our service team at 855-305-4854 to coordinate your order.

Quality Products at Affordable Prices

Quality and fair pricing are two of our key values at the groundUP stores. We believe that today’s project managers and building owners shouldn’t have to sacrifice their bottom lines for high-quality products or settle for subpar items to stay within budget.

You’ll also love our commitment to customer service. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction on every order, and we work hard to ensure that our products and services exceed your expectations.

Have a question? Want to discuss your order in more detail? Reach out to our dedicated customer service team — we’re happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is right for my project — ground mounted or freestanding posts and bases?

Your choice of freestanding or ground mounted products will likely depend on your project type and signage placement:

  • For temporary site signage that will be removed once construction is complete (or reused for another project), a freestanding sign is lightly the best option.
  • For permanent or long-term signage, both freestanding and ground mounted posts and bases could be effective. While freestanding posts and bases will be easier to relocate as needed, ground mounted concrete posts and bases can offer a more permanent solution.

Which base material is right for your project?

Your ideal base will depend on:

  • Your budget – Polyethylene bases are generally more expensive than recycled rubber or concrete posts and bases.
  • Your architect’s specifications – If your project architect specifies a specific material or color for permanent signage, you should do your best to meet these specifications as closely as possible.
  • Local regulations – Your jurisdiction may have specific requirements for signage colors and materials. Consult a local building authority before making a purchase to ensure compliance with local regulations.