Site furnishings including a bike rack and bollards in a parking lot

Site Furnishings

At the groundUP stores, you can find almost any type of furnishing for most commercial sites, whether large or small. We have a wide selection of high-quality products including public benches and chairs, bike racks, picnic tables, recycle bins, planters, and park amenities. Our extensive range of products is based on our client needs and our business is built on excellent relationships and honest business principles.




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For SOME Products, Multiple units MAY be shipped on one pallet.

Maintain a Safe and Seen Site

We offer a range of supplies that meet the specific needs of commercial clients. Our quality, durability, and affordable prices almost always exceed expectations. Our bike racks, for example, are available in various designs and many can double as protective bollards. Our outdoor benches and chairs are reliable and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Site furnishings like benches are also available in various styles, colors, and finishes. Our amenities are affordable and include products such as dual water fountains, basketball backboards, and hydration facilities.

Volume and Minimum-Purchase Discounts

At the groundUP stores, we believe in helping you save on supplies and other necessary materials so your project may benefit from cost savings. For this reason, we offer volume discounts whereby the price per unit decreases with larger orders. In addition, we offer minimum-purchase discounts when multiple items are ordered from the same source. This allows you to combine different products like public benches with other site furnishings and receive discounts wherever possible.

Honest Pricing for High-Quality Products

Recently developed commercial facilities are often referred to as “ground-up” projects and our business offers an extensive selection of supplies every builder needs to set up their site from the ground up. We operate our business with honest and fair pricing, ensuring that our customers receive high-quality products. The majority of the items we supply are manufactured here in the USA. We strive to build excellent relationships and become the go-to problem-solvers for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are furnishings for commercial sites useful?

It’s beneficial to have furnishings on a commercial site because items such as ash urns and recycle bins help keep your commercial facility clean and tidy. Also, site furnishings like bike racks provide additional purposes such as preventing members of the public from parking in areas that may cause difficulties or delays. For example, a bike rack that can double as a protective bollard can help prevent visitors from parking next to signs, fences, and trees. 

What are the benefits of public benches?

Benches are a useful amenity for any outdoor commercial development. They allow small groups of people or individuals to sit next to one another and socialize. Benches for communal use can also be customized so that they feature the name of your company which is an opportunity to gain recognition for the project you supported. Besides giving people a place to rest, site furnishings like benches are often used to promote an organization or a city.