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WALL PROTECTOR - Striped Medium-Duty

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Our Rubber Wall Protectors are made from Recycled Tires! 

Not only do you get a GOOD, QUALITY product, but You can feel good about keeping tires out of a landfill !!!

Protect Walls with The Wall Protector

This WALL PROTECTOR is Perfect for protecting walls in parking garages, loading docks, backroom areas, shopping cart storage areas....ANYWHERE that occaisional bumps can damage building and equipment.

Why REPAIR when you can PROTECT for a FRACTION OF THE COST?!?!?!

Each unit consists of safety striped black WALL PROTECTOR with yellow diagonal striping for visibility at a distance.

  • These can be adhered or mechanically fastened to the building construction.
  • Hi-Vis Reflective Tape is embedded into the construction of the WALL PROTECTORS.

These units measure 31.5" long x 8.75" wide; and are 0.25" (250 mils) thick - they are built to take the ABUSE!!!

Weight 5.00 lbs
Our price: $32.00
Quantity Price
2-4 Items $30.00
5+ Items $28.00
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