Plastics R Unique

Plastics-R-Unique is a family owned company located in Wadsworth, Ohio since 1991 and is committed to providing high quality, environmentally friendly plastic products. Ken Boersma, president and owner of Plastics-R-Unique, began recycling plastics in 1978 and was the first to produce plastic parking blocks and speed bumps

Plastics-R-Unique designs and manufactures high quality recycled plastic products. We offer: parking blocks, speed bumps, wheel chocks, guard rail end caps, plastic lumber, picnic tables, and benches. All of our products are manufactured with recycled polyethylene plastics at our manufacturing facility in Wadsworth, Ohio.

Environmentally Conscious Products

Our products are manufactured from post-consumer, post-industrial recycled plastics. By using our products, you will help to keep discarded containers and other plastics out of the environmental waste stream.


Practical and cost effective reasons to use Plastics-R-Unique products:
➢ Environmentally Safe: no toxic chemicals
➢ No breaking, chipping or splintering
➢ Maintenance Free
➢ Excellent freeze/thaw characteristics
➢ UV and color stable
➢ Chemical and weather resistant
➢ Made in USA

Lifetime Warranty

Plastics-R-Unique offers a lifetime warranty on parking blocks and speed bumps will replace any product that may crack, break or chip.

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