The SUBSTIWOOD® line of patented high-performance fiber-reinforced lightweight concrete products introduced by Substiwood, Inc. is designed to offer the construction industry a durable and cost effective alternative to wood and conventional concrete that is tough, durable, nailable, and sawable. There are a great variety of  applications for this revolutionary SUBSTIWOOD® technology.  Substiwood, Inc. is the recipient of the 2005 Wisconsin Governor's New Product Award Certificate of Merit for the "Outstanding Development of Concrete Lumber" Products. SUBSTIWOOD® products are produced in different grades for both structural and non-structural applications.


SUBSTIWOOD® products

  • Can be made in a great variety of sizes,  shapes, integrated colors, and patterns.
  • Can be made with excellent mechanical properties to serve as structural and non-structural members.
  • Can hold screws and nails. 
  • Are sawable using hand or electric saws. They can also be drilled.
  • Have excellent material toughness and ductility (energy absorbing), and they are shatter-resistant.
  • Are a specialty lightweight concrete. Substiwood has half the unit weight of conventional concrete.
  • Are cost competitive.  Additionally, shipping costs are lower because of lighter weight. 
  • Can positively impact the environment. They contain over 40% (by weight) recycled materials.
  • Are fire resistant.
  • Are not susceptible to attack by harmful insects or parasites such as termites.
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SKUSWFSP100 135 lb Fly-Ash Concrete Base w/ U-Channel Post
  • $108.00
SKUSWFSPSB 155 lb Fly-Ash Concrete PLANTER Base w/ U-Channel Post
  • $225.00