FLEXPOST INC. started in 2006 to help the owners of Rivertown Crossings Shopping Mall in Grand Rapids, Michigan with their dilemma of replacing 20-30% of their rigid parking lot sign posts every year due to damage. To solve this problem a flexible sign post was invented. They are now being used in every state of the country!

Flexpost's patented flexible sign post (called FlexPost) can be used for many parking lot applications. All Flexpost systems are manufactured in the USA and are made of traditional steel and galvanized parts which are standard in the industry. Its patented unique modular design makes it even easier to replace any component that needs replacing. FlexPosts can be installed on many surfaces including concrete, asphalt and natural ground.

In addition to the standard FlexPost we are now offering the patented FlexBollard systems. These innovative units provide the flexibility of the standard FlexPost® with the rigid appearance of a bollard.

Flexpost relies on Authorized Dealers throughout the United States and Canada to provide customers an easy way to shop locally for the Flexpost systems. This way customers can save time and cost of shipping in getting the Flexpost units. Flexpost systems are also sold through product Catalog Dealers through out the country.

Flexpost is the leader in heavy duty, flexible parking lot sign posts and lives up to their reputation of saying:   

NO more to BENT sign posts!

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