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Searco Company

SEARCO© COMPANY is located in Caddo Mills, Texas.  Mike Sears has been making the absolute best Hydraulic Post Puller in the industry for more than 12 years and the only one that allows for the concrete plug to be pulled simultaneously with the post up to 18 inches in diameter. They are also the only one that has a significant and effective plug puller, should the post break.

Everything on this unit is made and purchased in America, except the rubber wheels and the ram jack, which come from China and are assembled at our location.

The Ram Jack is the only thing along with some of the hardware that will wear out. These parts are universal and can be replaced relatively cheaply at any number of places. (On line at Home Depot or Lowes, at the store at Harbor Freight or Northern Tools) or you can order them from the groundUP stores, or the manufacturer directly. Almost all ram jacks are now made in China.




Searco Heavy Duty Claw for Pulling Post Stubs Hydraulic Post Puller
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