Breakaway Sign Post Bases

Breakaway Sign Post Bases

If you’re looking for surface mounted breakaway bases for site signage, you’ve come to the right place. These bases are the perfect solution for construction site signage, but they’re also widely useful for completed projects. Breakaway bases are a perfect match for regulatory road signs, handicap parking signs, and everything in between.



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Efficient Sign Bases

Breakaway sign post bases are surface-mounted tools for sign posts. Since they’re affixed to the surface (a floor or an exterior concrete or asphalt surface), they offer stability without lifetime permanence while meeting federal break-away standards. They’re compatible with square, U-channel and pipe posts, and since posts and signs can be swapped out anytime, these base systems are ideal for sites with routine maintenance expectations: multi-family housing facilities, office buildings, public parking lots, and more. They can even be used on public rights-of-way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do breakaway sign post bases work?

There are a few key components of a breakaway base:

  • The base plate – The base plate attaches the base (and, thus, the sign) to a surface. All installers need is a few lag bolts (provided with the base), a hammer-drill and an impact driver to affix a base.
  • The post – Sign posts slide over a stub that is part of the base, and installers can attach these two pieces with the provided hardware to keep them secure.
  • Hardware – Corner bolt nuts are secured with almost any type of wrench to easily complete your sign installation.

What is the “breakaway” feature?

Breakaway posts and bases were designed with one key purpose: safety. If a vehicle strikes a breakaway sign, the post breaks away to minimize injury and damage to the driver. These types of sign bases are a requirement from the Federal Highway Administration on most regulatory and warning signs. In some cases, this system is used for parking lot signs as well.