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Flexpost Flexible Sign Posts | Spring Base Sign Post System with Bollard Cover

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FlexBollard Sign Post system. These innovative units provide the flexibility of the standard FlexPost® with the rigid appearance of a bollard. 

Flexpost is the leader in heavy-duty, flexible parking lot sign posts and lives up to their reputation of saying

NO more BENT sign posts!

Its patented unique modular design makes it even easier to replace any component that needs replacing. 

FlexBollards can be installed on many surfaces including concrete, asphalt and natural ground.

FlexBollard Sign Post System offers the following Benefits:

  • Deter Vehicle Impact by Offering a Rigid Bollard Appearance
  • Impact-Resistant with 360°of Flexibility
  • Withstands High Winds
  • Eliminates Replacement Costs and Damage to Parking Lot Surface
  • Protects Vehicle from Unnecessary Damage
  • Handles all Regulatory, Warning and Parking Signs
  • Easy to Install

And With 2 Diameters, 10 Bollard Cover Colors & Reflective Tape Stripe Colors to choose from, the Color Combinations seem ENDLESS!

The system includes: (1) 8' long, 14 gauge Galvanized Steel Post; Torsion Spring; Base Plate Assembly; Aluminum Bolts, Nuts & Washers; (1) 7" Diameter x 52" High Polyethylene Bollard Cover with (2) Reflective Tape Stripes; Foam Ring Insert and Shaft Collar.  The total assembly height is 8'-6".

       ⇒ All the Installation Hardware for Your Specified Surface is even Included with Your Order!

The Bollard Covers are available in 10 colors: Yellow (the standard color), Red, Gray, White, Blue, Black, Orange, Green, Tan and Brown.

The Reflective tape stripes are available in 7 colors: Red (the standard color), Blue, White, Yellow, Black, Green and Orange

SLIM LINE (4-1/2" diameter) Sleeves are Also Available Upon Request 

Select Mounting Surface, Sleeve Diameter Bollard Color & Stripe Color; and Any Additional Sign Brackets when ordering.

Default Product:  an 8' high Flexpost with 7" Diameter Yellow Bollard Cover and Red Stripes with hardware for asphalt installation, at a total assembly height of 8'-6"


Weight 30.00 lbs
Select Mounting Surface
Select Color for Bollard Cover
Select Reflective Tape Color
Please Select a Bollard Color Size (Diameter)
Would you like Additional Sign Bracket Sets
Our price: $415.00
14" x 10" LG - Hy-Glo Aluminum Sign: KEEP OUT 12" x 9" Hy-Glo Plastic Sign: YES, WE'RE OPEN Flexpost Flexible Sign Posts | Spring Base Sign System - Replacement Spring Kit 12" x 18" x 0.080 Aluminum Sign: NO PARKING ANY TIME (with Symbol)
12" x 18" x 0.080 Aluminum Sign: AUTHORIZED VEHICLES ONLY 18" x 24" x 0.080 Aluminum Sign: CAUTION - SPEED BUMP

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