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Flexpost Flexible Sign Posts | Rigid Base Sign Post System

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(Regular Price $275.00 for standard unit)

FlexPost has just revolutionized the parking lot sign post industry with the addition of "FlexPost-Rigid"©. This new product completes the FlexPost universal sign post system. FlexPost now provides a sign post solution for EVERY parking lot signage need... be it a rigid post, flexible post, rigid bollard or flexible bollard. All use the same base plate saving the end user time and money to install and maintain parking lot sign posts. This is truly a breakthrough in the parking lot industry! 

Flexpost is the leader in heavy-duty, flexible parking lot sign posts and lives up to their reputation of saying:

NO more BENT sign posts!

 The "FlexPost-Rigid"© utilizes all the components of the traditional FlexPost only the patented spring unit is replaced with the "rigid adaptor". This allows the unit to bend at the replaceable rigid adaptor when struck by a vehicle. When bent, the "FlexPost-Rigid"© can be pulled back to the upright position or if completely damaged, can be replaced with a new rigid adaptor. Or if you wish to convert the FlexPost-Rigid to the traditional FlexPost, simply replace the damaged rigid adapter with the spring component. No need to ever replace another signpost, 


FlexPost RIGID can be installed on many surfaces including concrete, asphalt and natural ground.

The system includes one - 6' long, 14 gauge Galvanized Steel Post; Rigid Adapter with Laser-Cut Angular Slots; Base Plate Assembly and Aluminum Bolts, Nuts & Washers.  The total assembly height is 6'-6".

       ⇒ All the Installation Hardware for Your Specified Surface is even Included with Your Order!

Premium Options include:

  • a 6' high Black Powder-Coated Post  (offers a uniform appearance for entire assembly)
  • an 8' high Galvanized Post (with total assembly height of 8'-6" tall; 8' posts are available only)
  • a Boot Cover (hides & protects spring and Rigid Adapter; reduces post rebound; offers uniform appearance with Black Powder-Coated Post)

Select Mounting Surface, Post Color & Post Length when ordering.

Spring Boot Covers are once again available!

Default Product:  6' high Galvanized Post with Exposed Spring and hardware for asphalt installation, at a total assembly of 6'-6"


Weight 23.00 lbs
Select Mounting Surface
Select Post Color: (Galvanized Post is Standard; Black Powder Coated is Optional)
Select Post Length (6' Post is Standard; 8' Post is Optional)
Our price: $215.00
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