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Polyethylene Base Systems

The right sign is no good if it’s constantly being knocked over or bent. From parking signs to road signs, you need a sign base that is durable and easy to maintain. These polyethylene plastic sign bases hold up to 200 pounds of water or sand to weigh them down against high winds and even some vehicles.



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Durable Sign Bases

Polyethylene plastic sign bases are a popular choice for a variety of outdoor signage needs. These bases are made from high-quality rubbers and plastics to provide stability and durability. They are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them perfect for use on streets, parking lots, and construction sites. These portable sign post bases are heavy enough to prevent signs from toppling over in strong winds and are resilient enough to absorb the impact of minor collisions, reducing the risk of damage to the sign base as well as the vehicle itself.

Stability Meets Durability

One advantage of these polyethylene plastic sign bases is their ease of transport and setup. They are relatively lightweight (without sand or water) compared to concrete post bases, making them suitable for temporary signs that need to be moved frequently. The non-skid surfaces ensure they stay in place, enhancing safety and visibility. With our minimum purchase quantity discounts and free shipping, you can’t go wrong when shopping at the groundUP stores!

On-the-go Signage Solutions

Whether you need portable sign post bases, metal sign bases, concrete sign bases or plastic sign bases, the groundUP stores has something to meet your needs. We offer bases made from sturdy, yet lightweight, materials designed for longevity and easy mobility. Whether you’re setting up temporary signage or directing traffic, portable bases are your go-to option! Here at the groundUP stores, we’re known for our excellent customer service and product selection that rivals that of our competitors. Contact us today to place your order or ask our experts for advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of plastic sign bases?

Heavy-duty polyethylene  sign bases offer several advantages, including stability, durability, and weather resistance. These sign bases can be filled with sand or water to add weight and prevent the signs from tipping over in strong winds, and they can absorb minor impacts, reducing the risk of damage at a job site. Additionally, these sign bases are easy to transport and set up, making them ideal for temporary signage solutions.

How do portable sign post bases enhance signage flexibility?

Portable bases provide flexibility in signage placement due to their easy mobility. They often feature wheels or handles for effortless relocation, making them ideal for events, construction zones, and situations that require rapid adjustments. These bases are versatile and accommodate various sign types, ensuring adaptability in dynamic environments.