Located just outside New Orleans, in Covington, LA, It Straps On (ISO) is an American manufacturer of stainless steel banding and strapping systems.  While at first glance these products might seem small and relatively simple, don’t let their size fool you. Stainless steel banding and strapping are used extensively in commercial, industrial and municipal settings.  ISO has been manufacturing these products since 1994 and now ships them all over the world.

What is Stainless Steel Banding?

If you want a mental image of a typical application for “steel bands,” think of a “No Parking” sign attached to a concrete street light pole; at intersections, our band secures overhead traffic lights and the dreaded cameras; or a microwave antenna attached to a pole-type transmission tower; or a platform of transformers attached to a power pole - you get the idea.  The brackets, fasteners and bands used to secure these types of equipment are what we make at ISO.

 These products – high strength stainless steel banding, mounting brackets and closure devices – are in demand by a variety of industries. 

Benefits of being an American manufacturer – competitive cost structure and high quality products.

Over the years, ISO has developed a simple, yet highly effective strategy for success:  offer high quality products at competitive prices with exceptional customer service. 

 Build High Quality Products:  Using the same stainless steel raw materials from the same US steel mills as their competition, they have developed a high speed, streamlined manufacturing process which allows them to produce a full range of sizes and deliver them to their customers .  In addition, most of their band is embossed with a four digit code that allows them to track its origin, providing unparalleled  quality control.

Compete on Cost:  They maintain a very aggressive pricing structure which allows our customers to be more competitive in the marketplace.  As a customer, buying a product for less than you pay elsewhere is hard to pass up no matter what business you’re in.

Win with Customer Service:  ISO is passionate about their customers and the key element to their success is customer service.  They have a highly trained staff with intimate knowledge of their products and processes.  They offer fast order turnaround.  They have the ability to manufacture to order, creating custom parts that meet the various needs of our customers.

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