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Aervoe - VERS-A-STRIPER - Parking Lot Striper

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Aervoe's Vers-A-Striper enables you to make straight crisp lines, so you get professional results at an affordable price. 

Stripe lines from 2" to 6" Wide.  There's even room to store 12 extra cans.

Vers-A-Striper is a lightweight, yet heavy-duty aerosol striping paint applicator.  It's durable, and built to last!

Stripe Anything . . .

New or Old Parking Lots, Warehouse/Factory Floors

Safety Zones and Fire Lanes, Gravel, etc!

Stripe Any Hard Surface!

Stripe New Parking Lots!

Re-stripe Old Parking Lots!

No Fuss!

Simple To Use!

Price Shown is Per Unit.

Weight 28.00 lbs
Our price: $90.00
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