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24" Plastic NUMBER Stencils (10 mil)

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Unlike Oil Board or PVC, these Stencils will last for HUNDREDS of uses!.  This is A VERY cost-efficient way of having number and letter sets at your disposal!

These are not your standard Poly-Vinyl stencil materials.  They are cut out of durable plastic sheets. 

They are about half the weight of their Poly-Vinyl cousins, at ABOUT HALF THE COST!

Number sets include all 10 Numbers (0 to 9)

Individual Numbers Are also Available!

Want to get a set of 24" Number Stencils - FREE?

Purchase 2 sets of 24" High LETTER Stencils, and receive ONE Set of the 24" High NUMBER Stencils....

absolutely FREE! 

(That's 2 SETS of Letters AND ONE SET of Numbers FOR LESS THAN the price of JUST ONE SET of Poly-Vinyl Stencils from other places!)

Default Product: a complete number set with one number (stroke size is 24" high x 16" wide) per plastic sheet (size 28" x 20" wide) 

Weight 8.00 lbs
Our price: $95.00
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